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Established in 1995, YU LIEN is specialized in developing and manufacturing lubricant delivery system and metering control solution.
Reflecting a customer orientation attitude,YU LIEN serve a series mature, reliable,and practical lubricating solution to improve process quality, increase production capacity, and confirm with ISO standard.

Core of enterprise




Based on know-how and experience, we constantly develop innovative equipment, such as on vehicle DC power pump, automatic lube-supplying device, precise metering valve, pneumatic valve, automatic conveyor lubrication system, and custom-designed lubrication project.
Originally-developed sweeping-type pump with compulsive scavenging function allows smooth output of NLGI #3 grease and highly viscous damping grease.
It works directly by plugging without using pneumatic energy. The discharging pressure can control the timing of motor operation. Motor stops while pressure gets enough. This helps save energy, lower consumption, reduce cost, and it is easy for manipulation.
Any enquiry about lubrication application, grease dispensation, or grease spraying, feel free to contact us. We will provide professional service.


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